July 14, 2024 7:36 am

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Arizona Country Music Singer is a Star on the Rise


Staff Writer 

Country singer Avery Anna, an 18-year-old from Arizona, has been performing all over the country since the release of her first EP titled “mood swings.” During the pandemic, while stuck at home, Anna posted a video of her singing in her mother’s porcelain bathtub. The video went viral. After the video hit ten million views later, she secured a record deal. The EP “mood swings” include an emotional roller coaster of songs, which many people find relatable. 

Avery Anna has been writing songs and singing her entire life. When she was little, singing with her grandpa used to be her favorite activity. Her hometown, Arizona, has been an important part of her musical journey. This is where her love for country music started. She finds peace and inspiration in the sky and landscape of Arizona. Growing up, Anna used to drive out to a spot to write songs, while watching the sunset by herself all the time. Anna wishes to do a headline stadium tour in the future so that she can bring her music further beyond the mountains of Flagstaff.